Water is a chemical, liquid at room temperature, with chemical formula H2O, made up of hydrogen and oxygen. It makes up oceans and is an excellent solvent for life.

Found InsideEdit

It is found in nature as dew, sea water and precipitation, and in rivers and lakes, as well as inside lifeforms in their eye flesh, tears, sweat and jelly. It is also found in mud.

Water also appears in its solid form inside ice and snowflakes, and in its vapour form as clouds.

Civilisations with technology often find cause to store water, in water coolers in offices, in aquariums to support aquatic life and in toilets (or their more advanced brethren, the future bathroom stuff). They also find use in making water portable and drinkable, in water bottles, juice, soda, and cans. Primitive civilisations use it as an ingredient in potions, and advanced civilisations use it as a component of food pills. It is part of concrete, a common building material.